Product Code: 01.AS/TS

01.AS and TS suction filter elements are ideal for use in suction filters to protect sensitive hydraulic pumps.

Eaton’s wide range of filter elements provides trouble-free operation when filtering abrasive fluids, cooling lubricants, or water-based fluids and are designed to achieve cleanliness class requirements. Eaton can perform fluid analysis on-site or in our lab to determine the best filter element for your hydraulic and lubrication system requirements.

These elements are ideal for use in suction filters to protect sensitive hydraulic pumps.

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  • High resistance to variable operating pressures and flow rates
    contribute to one of the highest dirt-holding capacities and
    filtration efficiencies on the market
  • Filters contain more pleats and surface area than most
  • Consistent filter efficiency, even at a high differential pressure

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  01.AS 01.TS
Filter element
Suction filter elements Tank/Suction filter elements
Series 01.AS 01.TS
Nominal size 180, 220, 630, 631 210, 310, 425, 625
Grade of filter
10 G, 25 G, 40 G, 80 G 10 G, 25 G, 40 G, 80 G
Filter material G= Stainless steel wire mesh G= Stainless steel wire mesh
Design B = double open end B = double open end
Specification – = standard element,
IS06 = HFC and Polyglycol applications
– = standard element,
IS06 = HFC and Polyglycol applications
Nominal sizes: 180 – 631 180 – 631

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  • Compressors
  • Gearboxes
  • Power units
  • Lubrication modules
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Factory equipment

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