BMG – Multi Basket Bernoulli Filter
Product Code: BMG - Bernoulli

The BMG product line is the first member of the multi-basket product family. It consists of four models, DN 400 (16”) to DN 800 (32”), covering a capacity range of up to 8400 m3/h.

Thanks to the use of multiple filter baskets in one filter body, fine filtration down to 100 microns is achievable, even at high flow rates. This means that one single multi-basket unit is capable of doing the work of multiple smaller single basket units. The result is a space efficient installation that requires less piping.

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The multi-basket Bernoulli Filter was developed to meet a market demand for finer filtration in combination with large capacities. This range offers all of the advantages of a single-basket Bernoulli Filter, such as low flushing pressure and constant pressure drop, but it utilizes multiple filter baskets instead of a single filter basket. Put simply, it’s the traditional Bernoulli Filter, multiplied!

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Filter type Flow capacity Dimensions (mm)
Max (l/s) Flush (l/s) A B C D E L FS G/H J Weight (kg)
BMG 400 580 68 520 650 1000 1285 56 1550 1300 DN 400 DN 150 320
BMG 500 890 106 650 800 1200 1530 56 1875 1620 DN 500 DN 150 600
BMG 600 1300 151 800 950 1400 1825 60 2210 1980 DN 600 DN 200 850
BMG 800 2320 268 900 1150 1700 2265 68 2760 2180 DN 800 DN 250 1000

BMG - Multi Basket Bernoulli Filter Design Specifications - FLTR - Purple Engineering


Min. operating pressure ≥ 0,3 bar 1
Max. operating pressure 10 bar (g)
Max. operating temp. 60°C 2
Power supply 100-240V AC or DC,
45-65 Hz (AC)
Instrument air pressure min 6 bar (g)



Design code EN 13121 / ASME VIII, Div 1 / ASME X
Flange standard DIN 2632 PN10 / ANSI B 16.5 lbs 150
Filter body material GRP
Filtration range 0.1-1.0 mm Wedge wire 1.0-2.0 0 mm Perforated
Filter basket material Stainless steel (316, Duplex, Super-duplex) / Titanium
Control panel PLC incl. HMI touch screen

Choose a Bernoulli Filter from Bernoulli System, and you get a reliable filter with an ingeniously simple design that ensures continuous, safe operation year after year.

Quite simply, our filters are effective and they last!

Since the fundamental purpose of a Bernoulli Filter is to reduce the content of suspended solids in water from natural sources, the scope of applications ranges from prefiltration in water treatment to the protection of plate heat exchangers and sensitive process equipment such as spray nozzles.

It is used in a variety of industries ranging from power generation, petrochemicals, and HVAC to steelmaking, aquaculture, pharmaceuticals,  pulp & paper, and foods & beverages.