Cricketfilters – Mechanical Filtration Systems
Product Code: Cricketfilters - Mechanical Filtration Systems

The Cricketfilter technology has been developed to separate solid particles from a liquid in such a way that the solid particles can be discharged if dry matter or a slury. Liquid losses are kept to an absolut minimum.

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  • Side outlet, ensuring a completely drainable septum.
  • Improve safety by reducing the use of bag filters.
  • The risk when opening bag filter housings is eliminated.
  • Space saving through an excellent surface/volume ratio because of unique Cricket element design.
  • Improved cloth mounting thanks to use of the proven Cricket type I element construction.
  • Easy to connect several filters, saving space and investment.
  • Easy to automate, therefore low maintenance required.
  • Very high cleanability due to less internal parts.

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Cricketfilter® with Dry Cake Discharge
The Cricketfilter® with dry cake discharge has been engineered to minimize liquid retention in the cake. This minimizes waste when the cake is discarded.
On the other hand, this optimizes the quality of the cake, especially when cake washing is part of the filtration process.
Cricketfilters® with dry cake discharge are especially suitable when the solids are the desired product. A large bottom valve at the base of the filter has been specifically designed to guarantee the easy discharge of the dried cake.

Cricketfilter® with Wet Cake Discharge
The Cricketfilter® with wet cake discharge is suitable for any application in which the cake formation is too low for dry cake discharge or where the wet cake can be regenerated easily. Wet cake discharge doesn’t require the inclusion of a large bottom valve.

Cricketfilter® with Septum Plate
The Cricketfilter® with septum plate is our optimal solution for processes that do not require a large filtration area. It is also perfectly suited as a polishing and/or heel filter.



  • No internal manifolds.
  • Side outlet, ensuring a completely drainable septum.
  • Small footprint.
  • Easy to automate.
  • Ease of clean due to less internal parts.

The Cricketfilter®’s proven technology, already installed in over 1,000 industrial and food applications globally, provides customers with several important advantages. Key among these is the large filtration surface area provided by the unique design of the filter element.

The Cricketfilter® is also ideal for use in polishing applications with low solid contents and solids that are hard/difficult to discharge with a traditional pressure leaf filter. It’s unique design, when compared to the pressure leaf filter, provides direct filtration on to filter cloth at temperatures up to 150°C.

Higher pressures and temperatures can also be achieved with customed designed Cricketfilters® which our engineering department can design should there be a specific requirement.

The Cricketfilter® is simple to clean.
It uses air or gas pulses for cleaning the elements section by section, without requiring a vibrator.

The Cricketfilter® can be used with filter cloths of various pore sizes and materials.
This reduces and at times eliminates the amount of extra pre-coating needed, making filtration more economical.

Cricketfilter® automation
It is possible to automate, therefore ensuring low necessary maintenance.


Cricketfilter® optimal filter element design
The Cricketfilter® filter element is based on a cricket bat design, giving it a unique shape which ensures a larger installed filtration area within the same vessel size in comparison to a traditional round candle shape filter element. Cleaning is vital in the filtration process and the Cricketfilter® element has been specially designed for maximising the drainability during regeneration, ensuring optimal cleanliness when Cleaning in Place (CIP) takes place.

Mould welded
The automated welding process utilised to produce our Cricketfilter® element results in highly accurate dimensional tolerances. This ensures a perfect fit of the filter cloth.

Cricketfilter® element shape
Due to the element shape, the Cricketfilter® has up to 40%more filtration area and can hold up to 40% more cake compared to a traditional round shaped element.

Chemical Industry
The chemical market faces various filtration challenges, including the quality of bulk chemicals, intermediates,
up to ultra-fine chemicals. Filtration Group has extensive experience in the supply of innovative filtration technologies that provide optimized solutions for the chemical processing industries. Our products are designed to provide chemical producers with the highest consistency and quality of output, ensuring the removal of any contaminants, hence improving product yield.


Food and Beverages
We understand that the food and beverages industry manage large volumes of products throughout their processes, and that maintaining their quality and cleanliness is paramount.
Our extensive product range can be utilized for all areas of the food and beverage market, including coarse clarification and the removal of microorganisms.