Particulate Filters to 175 PSIG
Product Code: Series P20 - P22


  • Flow rates to 70,000 SCFM standard (higher capacities available upon request)
  • Section VIII Division 1 ASME code “U” stamp with National Board registration
  • Low pressure drop
  • Maximum useful filter area and dirt holding capacity
  • Quick-opening swing bolt closures provide easy access
  • Fully customizable
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These air and gas pipeline filters offer exceptional protection from particulate contamination for compressed gas pipelines, air dryers, pneumatic controls, and other pipeline equipment. They are fabricated from rugged carbon steel (series P20) or 304SS (series P22). Each filter vessel is designed, constructed, and stamped in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code requirements for unfired pressure vessels. Any model can be readily modified at your request to more exactly fit your needs.

A hinged swing bolt closure is standard on models P20-0200 and larger. These closures allow quick, easy access to the filter element, which reduces maintenance time and cost.

NPT or CL-150 raised face flange (RFSO) connections are standard. Alternative orientations, sizes, or connections types are available upon request. Models P20-0202-RF-030 and larger include 18″ carbon steel legs. While our standard line of filter vessels provides a starting point, our core business is designing vessels specifically to fit the customer’s application. Changes may include special finishes, additional testing requirements, adding/moving connections, providing ancillary equipment, or dealing with space limitations. Please send us your specifications and application details so we can make the best possible recommendation.

Classic radial fin textile media elements are unsurpassed for low ΔP, dirt holding capacity, and efficiency. They stop particulates before they can move downstream. Select either recoverable sewn end filter elements or our long life, low cost polyurethane rubber molded end elements. Standard efficiency is 10 µm, but we have dozens of alternative filter media options from 750 µm down to 0.1 µm. Custom elements are available for services having elevated temperatures, aggressive chemistry, or other special considerations. Please contact us for a solution to your challenging application.

Housing Model No. (for 304SS, chg P20 to P22) Conn. Size Conn. Type Cover Style Dimensions in Inches Wgt. Lbs. Select Filter Element
OD OH C Serv. Space Sewn End 10µ New Rubber End, 10µ
*P20-0001-FT-010 1” FPT T-Top 31⁄2 141⁄4 4 12 7 320-0443K5 321-2789K5
P20-0200-MT-015 1.5” MPT Swg Blt 65⁄8 28 16 16 80 320-0525K5 321-3235K5
P20-0201-MT-020 2” MPT Swg Blt 85⁄8 30 16 16 110 320-0526K5 321-3236K5
P20-0202-RF-030 3” Flg. Swg Blt 85⁄8 39 20 24 130 320-0527K5 321-3237K5
P20-0203-RF-040 4” Flg. Swg Blt 103⁄4 43 20 24 200 320-0528K5 321-3238K5
P20-0204-RF-060 6” Flg.. Swg Blt 123⁄4 52 24 26 280 320-0529K5 321-3239K5
P20-0205-RF-080 8” Flg. Swg Blt 16 67 28 36 475 320-0530K5 321-3240K5
P20-0206-RF-100 10” Flg. Swg Blt 20 74 32 36 750 320-0531K5 321-3241K5
P20-0207-RF-120 12” Flg. Swg Blt 24 82 36 39 900 320-0532K5 321-3242K5