Side Arm Air & Gas Filters
Product Code: Series F20 - F22


  • Intake Air Flows to 20,000 CFM
  • Low ΔP Design
  • 304SS Throat Safety Cages Std.
  • Bolt Seal Closure to 5 psid (Consult us for use with reciprocating compressors, or designs to 15 psid.)
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Series F20 & F22 w/bolt seal closure closed circuit air & gas filters are essentially similar to series E in-line filters except their outlet connection is directly out the bottom. Where practical, this orientation reduces ΔP by eliminating an elbow. They are also slightly less expensive than equivalent E series housings. *Filter elements w/304SS screen &/or center cores are also available if required.

Male NPT (MT) or flat face flanges (FF) are std. Flanges match diameter & drilling for 150# ANSI standard. Specify optional female NPT (FT), bevel (BE) or plain cut (PE) stub necks where you wish to weld in place. Increased or decreased connections are also available on any model.

Series F22 In-Line Air & Gas Filters are similar to enameled steel series F20 but are constructed instead from 304 stainless steel. Filter elements w/304 SS media support screen &/or center cores are also available if desired. (Replace the “K” in the filter element part number with an “N” for 304SS core and 304SS media support screen, or a “Q” for 304SS core with epoxy coated aluminum media support screen). These textile media elements are superior for low ΔP, high dirt holding capacity and exceptional efficiency. They stop pipe scale and other contaminates before they can travel downstream. Select from 10µ, 4µ High Efficiency, or 0.3µ coalescing filter elements as your needs dictates to remove 98% of all dust, dirt, and if coalescing, fine mists. Additional media and element styles are available for services at elevated temperatures or specific chemistries. View more of the air and gas filter vessels in our inventory.

When used for coalescing services, housings should be installed with flow reversed from that illustrated. Inlet flow should travel first to the inside of the filter element, passing through the media to the outside. Coalesced liquids will also pass through the element to collect in sump area below.

Enameled Steel Housing w/Bltd Closure, Cat. No. 304 Stainless Steel Housing w/Bltd Closure, Cat. No. Typ.            Std.         Approximate Dimensions,   Flow      Connection.                  Inches                  Wgt. CFM       Size    Type    OH       OD       C      SS     lbs. 10µ Select One Filter Element*:
High Eff.                 Coalecing*
4µ                           0.3µ
F20-0001-MT-015 F22-0001-MT-015 55 11⁄2”” MPT 131⁄2” 65⁄8” 9” 5” 23 321-2082K5 321-2082K7 321-2118WK907
F20-0002-MT-020 F22-0002-MT-020 90 2” MPT 16” 65⁄8” 12” 8” 24 321-2083K5 321-2083K7 321-2119WK907
F20-0003-MT-030 F22-0003-MT-030 200 3” MPT 24” 85⁄8” 20” 16” 38 321-2146K5 321-2146K7 321-2120WK907
F20-0004-MT-040 F22-0004-MT-040 350 4” MPT 24” 103⁄4” 20” 16” 55 321-2107K5 321-2107K7 321-2121WK907
F20-0005-FF-060 F22-0005-FF-060 800 6” Flg 40” 123⁄4” 34” 25” 90 321-2108K5 321-2108K7 321-2122WK907
F20-0006-FF-080 F22-0006-FF-080 1500 8” Flg 40” 16” 34” 25” 120 321-2109K5 321-2109K7 321-2123WK907
F20-0007-FF-100 F22-0007-FF-100 2400 10” Flg 44” 20” 34” 25” 160 321-2110K5 321-2110K7 321-2124WK907
F20-0008-FF-120 F22-0008-FF-120 3400 12” Flg 44” 24” 34” 25” 200 321-2111K5 321-2111K7 321-2125WK907
F20-0009-FF-160 F22-0009-FF-160 5400 16” Flg 48” 32” 34” 21” 350 321-2192K5 321-2192K7 321-2126WK907
F20-0010-FF-200 F22-0010-FF-200 8500 20” Flg 48” 36” 34” 25” 450 321-2194K5 321-2194K7 321-2127WK907
F20-0011-FF-240 F22-0011-FF-240 12,000 24” Flg 48” 44” 34” 25” 650 321-2195K5 321-2195K7 321-2128WK907

Coalescing Filter Applications:

  • Oil & Gas Resistant Ends
  • Filter Media: MicroGlass/Synthetic composite.
  • Upstream/Downstream epoxy coated screen jackets.
  • Perforated carbon steel core; Perforated outer shell (corrosion control coated).
  • Outer foam drain wrap. This wrap can be easily removed where nonaqueous service conditions could deteriorate the wrap. Performance without the wrap has proven to be good.