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Better filtration performance starts off with quality filter leaves. FLTR offers a large scope of filtration systems in the mineral processing market. They enhance the efficiency of operations and significantly reduce contamination. 

FLTR filtration systems will help you improve the product quality and protect equipment downstream. In addition, they come with site-specific filtration and separation techniques to provide you with optimum filtration performance in mineral processing.

Pressure leaf filter systems for Mineral Processing

The Mineral processing market is one of the markets which plays a major role in the world economy. It faces various filtration challenges during the production process of quality bulk chemicals, including intermediates and ultra-fine chemicals. 

Therefore, innovative filtration technologies need attention. They provide optimised solutions for the mineral processing industries. FLTR’s product range is designed to provide filtration solutions for all areas of the mineral processing industry. They ensure consistency and quality of output by removing contaminants. 

During Sulphuric acid production, molten Sulphur impurities have a significant negative impact on efficient production. Therefore, operations across the entire market need to ensure their filtration processes provide minimum contamination at all levels. 

FLTR offers the best pressure leaf filtration systems worldwide. They provide expert technology which achieves output free of contaminants in the mineral processing industry. An area of specialty includes the molten Sulphur sector of the Sulphuric acid market.

Pressure leaf filters

Pressure leaf filters are ideal for mineral processing for cake filtration in liquids with higher solid loads. These are closed systems. Therefore, it’s safe to use. There are two types of pressure leaf filters.

Horizontal pressure leaf systems

The horizontal pressure leaf filter system is larger than the vertical pressure leaf filter system with a higher dirt capacity. In addition, these filters are entirely open, which is an added advantage to quicker inspection and maintenance.

Vertical pressure leaf systems

This type requires a small footprint and is designed for easy cake discharge.

Features & benefits

  • Proven technology
  • The pressure leaf filter is a closed filtration system that ensures safe use.
  • Easy access to the filter leaves for removal of the cake
  • It’s fully automated, making it safer and low maintenance, thus lowering operational costs.
  • The regeneration time between the filtration cycles is short. Therefore, it lowers operating costs because it can filtrate for longer periods without disruptions, delivering greater production capacity.
  • Filter leaves are easy to clean.
  • The pressure leaf filter system has no rotating parts, keeping maintenance to a minimum.
  • Reinforced filter leaves, longer lifetime
  • Special self-sealing cover gasket. The gasket can be re-used and does not need replacement after every opening of the filter system cover. In addition, the gasket comes with unique self-sealing properties to ensure a perfect sealing solution and promoting maximum safety.
  • All pressure leaf filter systems can feature a heating jacket to maintain elevated process temperatures. The feature is specifically required to avoid the suspension cooling down during the filtration process.

Filtration solutions for dry cake discharge

Pressure leaf filter systems with dry cake discharge occur in applications such as removing activated carbon, molten Sulphur filtration, or catalyst recovery in the mineral processing industry. 

These systems produce minimal product waste. In some applications where a pressure leaf filter is necessary, they can reduce the residual product content in the filter cake to approximately 35%. 

In applications like mineral processing, the cake is the desired product instead of the liquid. Hence the cake is required to be as pure as possible. Then washing the filter cake can be done when necessary, and dried with compressed air, inert gas, or steam before the discharge.

Filter Performance

To immediately improve the pressure leaf filter system’s overall performance, replace old or damaged leaves with new or rescreened filter leaves. These filters consist of filter leaves that are five layers of stainless steel wire mesh. They measure them to a high degree of accuracy, which increases system productivity and filtration efficiency.


FLTR pressure filter leaves are manufactured, as a standard, from stainless steel 316L. Its mechanical properties make them highly resistant to stress corrosion and variances in temperature and extreme pressure changes. 

Other alloy materials are also available for particularly challenging applications. The design, technology, and high craftsmanship involved in the production of FLTR filters result in a longer life span, less downtime for maintenance and increased productivity.

CBS- Hydro Cyclone Solid-Liquid Separator (Sand Eliminator -Series)

CBS- Hydro Cyclone Solid-Liquid Separators (Sand Eliminator -Series) are typically used in the mineral processing industry to remove solids from liquids in industrial processes. In addition, they allow reuse of the liquid to prevent solids accumulation in sumps and basins. 

Furthermore, hydro cyclone solid-liquid separators can act as a pre-filter before finer filtration, improving efficiency and minimising fluid loss. The result is adequate protection for heat exchangers against fouling of downward equipment such as clog spray nozzles and other small orifices.

Benefits of the CBS- Hydro Cyclone Solid-Liquid Separators

  • Low-pressure drop
  • No moving parts
  • Continuous filtering
  • No filter media
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High efficiency
  • Closed system
  • Automatic purging possible

CBS- Hydro Cyclone Solid-Liquid Separator (Sand Eliminator -Series) are widely used in,

  • Source water intake
  • Washing operators
  • Firefighting systems
  • Coolant filtration
  • De-Sanding
  • Pump protection
  • Pre-filtration
  • Wastewater upgrading

Type L

FLTR offers you Type L In-line Gas/Liquid Separator models depending on the application. This technology requires zero maintenance and different models are available for horizontal and vertical flows with flanged connections. 

Generally, Type L in-line gas/ liquid separators use stainless steel and carbon steel. The innovative design automatically eliminates 99% of all liquid and solid entrainment particles 10 microns in size or larger. 

Not having any moving parts to break or wear out is a plus point of this technology. Further Series L Gas/Liquid Separators can perform to specification years and years out with no maintenance. 

The Model 31-L Separator is an in-line separator installed horizontally or vertically for down flow applications. Models installed horizontally can be ordered with sump and water gauge mountings. The Model 32-L is an in-line vertical up-flow separator.

Horizontally and vertically installed models can be furnished with reduced size inlet and outlet flanges to accommodate higher flow rates in smaller pipelines with an acceptable pressure drop. In total, there are five different configurations to meet exact application requirements. 


When the Moisture-laden gas enters the inlet of the separator, it deflects through a unique Cenpellar into a centrifugal motion. With the reduction of velocity in the flow, the entrained solids and moisture droplets separate. 

Separated liquids and solids fall out of the gas stream below the exclusive Vortex Containment Plate (VCP), where they cannot be re-entrained. The VCP eliminates the need for the expensive, delicate baffles used in other separators. Instead, it helps direct the clean, dry flow to the separator’s outlet.


  • Compact Design
  • No Required Maintenance
  • Removes 99% of Liquid and Solid Entrainment Particles Larger Than 10 Microns
  • Gas, Steam, or Air Application


  • Steam drums
  • Steam turbines
  • Intercooler equipment
  • Aftercooler equipment
  • Gas well heads
  • Deep well heads
  • Oil extraction
  • Chemical processing
  • Scrubbing systems
  • Evaporator
  • Glycol dehydration
  • Sulphur condenser
  • Mist elimination
  • Heat exchangers
  • Reactors
  • Landfill/waste gas

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