Air Intake/Sheet Metal Housing

Air intake/sheet metal housings help to solve complex filtration challenges by enhancing the performance and protection of engine parts. The casing around the filter cartridge is called the filter housing. Just like our skeletal system protects internal organs in the body, air filter housing also does the same job. It provides protection to filter cartridges as well as inside moving parts. It also provides safety to and from other components of the vehicle. Apart from providing protection these housings also help to reduce the noise that occurs when the filters are operating.

Metal housing material

Why Stainless steel is used in industrial filter housing?

Stainless steel is one of the most robust materials that you can use to make filter housings.

The benefits of using stainless steel for industrial filter housing production are

  • Ability to withstand degradation from numerous agents.
  • Can function well with high pressure and low pressure.
  • Shows stable properties at high-temperature levels.
  • Easy to disinfect and clean
  • Qualities of the good industrial filter housing
  • Housing should be able to provide large filtration space
  • Should adhere to international quality standards.
  • Housing should incorporate to meet your specific operational filtration needs
  • If housing contains corners, it should be curved to will minimize the chances of it breaking from high pressures.
  • Housing material should resistant to chemicals and contaminants that are in the filter medium that you are filtering.
  • Housing should show stable properties at operational flow rates, temperature, and pressure.
  • Should have a procedure to repair and replace parts if necessary with relative ease

Advantages of an Industrial Filter Housing?

An industrial filter housing will bring you benefits in several ways.

  • Protect interior filtration gadgets.
  • Reduce noise in operation
  • Durable.
  • Can withstand at high pressures
  • Helps to improve filtration speed
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Resistant to corrosion

Disadvantages of an Industrial Filter Housing

  • Require considerable amount of space
  • Some industrial filter housings need special installation procedures and you need an expert with specific knowledge
  • The initial cost is high

FLTR offers housings of air filters in a variety of sizes and styles that can be used for a variety of applications.

Accordion Style Housing Air Intake Filters

Series A10, A30, A40, & A50 -Fabricated from heavy gauge enameled steel

Series A12, A32, A42, A52 -Stainless steel

  •   Provide protection for blowers, turbines, compressors.
  •   Engines and other air handling equipment.
  •   Modifications can be done for the standard models according to your requirements.

Air Intake connections

A wide array of inlet and outlet sizes and configurations of air intake connections are available enamel finished carbon steel, (304SS, and 316SS)

B10, B12, and B70– Atmospheric air intake.

B50 and B52– Hoodless intake series

C10 & C12- Chamber silenced series and D10 & D12– Tube silenced series can cut noise in half

E20, E22-Inline filters can permit installation anywhere between the inlet source and       equipment being served perfect for indoor placement with exterior draws, eliminating the need to climb onto the roof

F20, & F22- Side Arm Housings

H20 & H22 -Side exhaust mist eliminating filters -can stop most mist and smoke in its tracks

Chamber Silenced Air Intake Filter

Series C10, series C50 – enameled steel (w | w/o hood)

series C12, series C52 – 304 stainless steel (w | w/o hood)

Classic Air Intakes

Series B10   

  • enameled carbon steel w/weather hoods

Series B12  

  • 304 stainless steel w/weather hoods
  • corrosion-resistant weather hoods reject rain and snow in coastal environments
  • well suited for service in food processing installations serving pneumatic blowers

Both models provide superior protection for compressors, blowers They are fabricated from heavy gauge steel. S, turbines, engines, and other air handling equipment. They are fabricated from heavy gauge steel.

Side Arm Air & Gas Filters

Series F20 – enameled steel w/bolted closure

Series F22 – 304 stainless steel w/bolted closure

Slightly less expensive than equivalent E series housings

Two-Stage Panel Filters

Series S20 – Enameled steel

Series S22 – 304 Stainless steel

  • This filter panel incorporates pleated polyester filter media at 10-25µ retention
  • Indirect compressed air or mild detergent cleaning solution can be used to clean the panels.
  • A pull strap across the face of the panel makes it easy to ease in maintenance

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